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Controlling Sexual Urge…

I will call a spade a spade and please, I beg you not to act too holy and see this as carnal. Uncontrolled sexual urge is causing a lot of havoc today even in the body of Christ and we need to deal with it. Let us consider some tips that would be helpful in controlling sexual urge.

1) Make sure that your relationship is centered on Christ’s principles, no more no less. This is applicable to singles and singles in a relationship. You are in relationship with someone who does not know Christ genuinely and you think you can control yourself and the person? Never!!!

2) Remember the Word of God that was repeated in Songs of Solomon, “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” It should be awaken when you are married.

You can practice any styles or method provided you both agree to it ONLY in marriage. Marriage is the only bed to unleash your sexual skills or give way to sexual urge.

3) Have a discussion with your partner about what arouses both of you; discuss ways to avoid them or ways to flee. Ensure you avoid engaging in the things that could trigger the urge.

4) Learn to push your sexual urges thought away. How? ‘Your word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against you’. Think on those things that are pure, holy and honest. Avoid pornography, erotic movies or novels, stand up and take a walk!

5) Avoid sleeping over at your partner’s house especially when he or she stays alone. You will speak in tongues there when you are aroused? *side look* why are you putting yourself in a position for temptation? Dear single Christian brother and sister, please go home after that vigil or stay in church till it’s okay to go home, mbok (please) this urge is not born again!

Let the sisters please help the brothers by dressing well and the brothers also should please dress well. Remember, having sexual urge is not a sin but yielding to it is sin!

Oluwatoyin Aremu
KEY ©2019

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