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[Article] Diary Of A Christian Corper: Strange Guy Falls In Love

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… From the last post
“Good evening Charles,” I said as I ‘innocently’ curved his hug, I mean, I barely know you uncle, I don’t dish out hugs like that biko. “Good evening Ayobami,” he replied, adjusting his hands as he noticed I wasn’t up for the hug, before adding, “let me get you a chair.”
“Naa… don’t bother yourself, the brick right beside you is fine,” I said, stopping him before he goes too far.
“So how far what did you ask me to explain again?” I asked “Chill babe, why so serious we’ll get to that, let’s talk about music first,” he replied.
At this point I was amazed like, ogbeni (mister man) you asked for explanation na🤷🏾‍♀ but then instead of being all bored in the hostel, you can kuku (just) chill and gist a bit- I thought to myself. So, I replied: “Okayyyy, what about music?”. “Yh, I’ve actually been observing you for a while here in camp, as in, I’m really impressed to meet a female saxophonist. I play the guitar and I really appreciate people into music… nice stuff, you know.”

He sha went on and on and when I got the chance to speak I just told him, “actually, I am still really learning in the sax thingy, you know, don’t make it seem like I’m a pro so we are all still growing.”
“Alright then, if you say so. What course did you study in school?” Charles asked.
“Agric-Economics,” I replied. “Oh, wow!” he said. “I have a small poultry farm too, how amazing…”

And again he went on and on. And I was there thinking, how can someone talk so much and not think about the person he’s speaking with? I was still in thoughts before my guy shocked me. BOOM! He went from 0-100 straight up. “Honestly, I love you, Ayobami and I am quite serious about it…”
Egbami ooo (come to my aid) Na explanation this guy request for na, how did love enter the matter? Na so dem dey take fall in love🤷🏾‍♀. I thought to myself.
I allowed him explain all he had in mind how I will move over to Anambra😂😂 and his profession of what he called love and told him point blank “Ko le werk… It can’t work!

I started arranging my legs to move to mammy market as I was a bit hungry again, he offered to walk with me, and I honestly didn’t care.

But I didn’t even know that his love included a grand plan to feed off me in camp. What he did next was quite shocking to me. Chimoo!


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