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[Article] Diary Of A Christian Corper: Looking For My Church

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Last episode

“Grring grring,” my phone rang… it was my father who was calling.
“Good evening Daddy,” I greeted him. “Good evening dear, how are you doing? Are you out of camp now? How did you eventually leave?” the way my father combined all his questions made it obvious that he was worried about his daughter being alright in a ‘strange land’. “Daddy, I’m Fineeee. I found a way out of camp already, I followed House On The Rock Church and they’ll be lodging us in a hotel for the next two days to sort ourselves,” I quickly explained to him to douse his worries. I could tell my father was not totally comfortable because of the church that I told him I followed and he confirmed my thoughts when he immediately asked: “Shey ko si ECWA bus ni (was there no ECWA bus)?” I legit rolled my eyes to reply him “Kosi sir” (None sir). He sighed and said: “ehnn, when you settle, try and find one to be attending.” I was already telling my father that I don’t think we have branches at that side when I saw a signpost with an arrow directing me to an area, and even though I was low key not planning to attend the church, I told my father I had seen a sign post but then that wasn’t what I had on my mind at the moment… I just needed to sort PPA and accommodation. I understood my father’s worries… he’s grown to trust the biblical truth preached in our church and won’t want his daughter getting doctrinal confusion plus attending our denomination here will also make him feel I’m a bit at home.

“We’re here,” the president announced, as the bus stopped beside the church but not without paparazzi already waiting at the gate (Na dah paparazzi I no kon understand). Cameras were rolling already to receive us too… Issokay. The president told us we were at the church to get our food and also talk to us a little bit about some things we should expect. After he mentioned food, as in free food, I no too hear the rest because I was low key tired and hungry.

That branch of the church is a big one sha, we sat at the upper auditorium to get our food and in his address, the president told us how water scarcity remain one of the challenges in Enugu town and how accommodation is also quite expensive; “you’d be lucky to get a self-con apartment for ₦80k,” he added. I was ‘wawuuud’! He also mentioned that the church’s corpers’ lodge (A.K.A family house) was almost full, that they had (maybe) about 4 spaces left and he didn’t forget to mention that like every other family house, they had their rules too. He further told us we could either get accepted or rejected at our PPA and we can also be the one to request a rejection if we find reasons to. The man whose name I couldn’t even pick eventually paused and said they’ll come back to the hotel in the morning to brief us and give us directions to our PPA. Afterwards, we got our food we left for the hotel.

The room where they lodged the girls was MASSIVE, ten of us in a room and we still had enough space. Thank God I had about 3 mufti wears in my bag. I took off my khaki, showered and changed while getting to know other girls from a distance.

My phone rang, it was Olaoluwa. He wanted to know wassup with me and also tell me how his side was going, he definitely wasn’t too happy about where he was posted but was still grateful sha. He asked why I didn’t go to NCCF family house and I honestly replied I wasn’t up for the rules and regulations. I made my findings and realised I don’t have to live in the house to be a part of the family so I was cool with that one, plus for that one year, I also wanted to enjoy my ‘privacy’. We wished each other well and ended the call.

“Instead of being indoors all evening, let’s stroll out girls SHOPRITE isn’t far from here,” one of the girls said. Na like that we take move ooo…


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